Novelang-0.36.0 released!

Download Novelang-0.36.0 here !
  • New --style-dirs command line parameter (superceding --style-dir) for multiple style directories.
  • Minor identifier-related fixes and internal refactorings.


Novelang-0.35.0 released!

Download Novelang-0.35.0 here !
  • Experimental support for identifiers. See “Identifiers” chapter in Part syntax, and “Insert Command” in “Book Files”.


Novelang-0.34.1 released!

Download Novelang-0.34.1 here !
  • Fixed: bug preventing from starting a Novelang release with a numbered version.

Novelang-0.34.0 released!

Download Novelang-0.34.0 here !
  • New levelabove option for insert book command.
  • New sort option for insert book command.
  • New explodelevel batch command for splitting one document’s levels into several parts.
  • New --content-root command line argument for setting the directory where content files reside.
  • Fixed: paragraph as list did not support indented embedded list items.