Novelang-0.49.0 released!

Just released Novelang-0.49.0!

Summary of changes:

  • In default stylesheet for HTML and PDF, the first n:cell-row element renders as a table header, if there is more than one. This might break existing documents.

Download it from here.


Maven cheat sheet (update)

This is an update of previous Maven cheat sheet.


mvn -e --batch-mode clean release:prepare -Dnovelang.build.distribution -DreleaseVersion=M.m.f > build-release-prepare.log

mvn release:perform -Dnovelang.build.distribution -DreleaseVersion=M.m.f > build-release-perform.log


Novelang-0.48.0 released!

Just released Novelang-0.48.0!

Summary of changes:

  • Fixed startup option in documentation.
  • Tags and location for lines of literal. Required an intermediate n:raw-lines element nested inside n:lines-of-literal. This might break existing stylesheets.
  • Location for cell rows with vertical line.

Download it from here.



Random text generator for French

This is a cool one. As it takes random phrases from classical French litteracy, punctuation signs and "typographic grey" look natural.


Cheatsheet template

Wikipedia definitely offers the right template for a cheat sheet. Short and easy to render with Novelang.


Novelang-0.47.0 released!

Just released Novelang-0.47.0!

Summary of changes:

  • Feature removal: relative identifier. Never used, and would make multipage rendering much more complicated.
  • Small enhancements to Novelang-attirail, the reusable library.

Download it from here.