Novelang-0.39.2 released!

Download Novelang-0.39.2 here !
  • Reject diacritics in tags.
  • Filter on implicit tags as on explicit tags.


Novelang-0.39.1 released!

Download Novelang-0.39.1 here !
  • Fixed documentation generation.

Novelang-0.39.0 released!

Download Novelang-0.39.0 here !
  • Experimental feature: descriptors in default HTML stylesheet.
  • Support Unicode files starting with a BOM (Byte Order Mark).
  • Reject TAB character.
  • Display Unicode name of a rejected character (as long as it belongs to the set of 16 bit Unicode characters as defined in Unicode 5.2 standard). This feature is experimental and may wreck existing error messages.