Descriptors in HTML

Designators are identifiers and tags. Source document may contain explicit designators, but since version 0.37.0 Novelang is smart enough to generate implicit designators from the text of source documents. Rules for implicit designators are as intuitive as possible, but it is helpful to show somewhere the implicit designators Novelang generated for you.

So default HTML stylesheet introduce a new artefact called “descriptor”. It’s a text area surrounding a paragraph or a level title, that unfolds for displaying implicit descriptors and maybe other useful things in the future, like location in the source document.

Looks like this:

The descriptor shows:

  • Implicit identifier: \\ThisIsASectionWithATitle_andStyleInsideTheTitle
  • Implicit tag: ThisIsASectionWithATitle
  • Implicit tag: andStyleInsideTheTitle

While working on layout and animation I found those links useful:

JQuery , the must-have JavaScript framework for doing everything with browser’s DOM in an concise and elegant fashion.

Stuff About CSS floats. (As a bonus, found this one about floatless layout , may become useful one day.)

CSS popups are fine but I gave up this way as the popup only appears with mouse pointer over a drop zone, prevents from copy-pasting.

This one about null HTML links also helped to drop bad ideas.

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