Novelang-0.7.0 released!

Version 0.7.0 is hot! You can download it here. It comes with a complete redesign of literal and character escaping.
  • Literal blocks are still here, much improved as they support any character on the inside.
  • Hard inline literal, corresponding to "technical" text inside plain text, like code citation. Renderers will use monospace font. Every character will appear as it is.
  • Soft inline literal works the same way hard inline literal does, but it should not be rendered in a different manner than casual text. Soft inline literal is a convenient answer for supporting almost any character and disabling standard formatting that occurs with punctuation, while avoiding conflict with other style delimiters.
  • Character escape is a last-resort option for displaying characters used as delimiters for one of the literal forms described above.
There were previous posts describing how this should work. During the implementation, there were minor adjustments so refer to the documentation.

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