I've been proud of Novelang support for custom fonts and now I'm reading this: FOP, the PDF generator used by Novelang, is able to scan multiple directories for fonts. It is even able to use system fonts (based on a directory scan, though). http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/0.95/fonts.html#register I still believe that using system fonts is error-prone. I wonder if FOP is able to aggregate in the same family various files representing different weights and styles. Anyways, Novelang needs a font list for the font listing which is really useful, especially when there are some broken fonts somewhere. But FOP should hold such a list somewhere internally. Now I'm tempted to give access to FOP configuration file in some way instead of making FOP "transparent". Such transparency fails because the naming convention for fonts (Xxxx-bold-italic.ttf) was influenced by how FOP works.

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