FOP and fonts, the story goes on

Now I've a better understanding on how FOP handles fonts and how to get its precious informations about font list, duplicates, and failures. In the PrintRendererConfigurator, the #buildFontListFromConfiguration static method does (almost) all the job. It takes following input parameters:
  • A Configuration object with a <renderer> as root element.
  • A URL (as a String) to resolve relative font URLs with. Null is supported.
  • A FontResolver, which can be a DefaultFontResolver.
  • A boolean set to true if an exception should be thrown if an error is found.
  • A FontCache instance or null if caching is disabled.
As it is a static method, #buildFontListFromConfiguration can be called from everywhere with a fresh FontCache instance. The latter is useful as it gathers failed fonts. A fresh cache instance is needed, because cached data may survive the JVM. The cache saves itself in a ~/.fop/fop-fonts.cache file, holding font descriptions. Font descriptions seem to be only invalidated when FOP attempts to load a font for "real" (at rendering time). So when hitting the cache in a test program, it sometimes returned font descriptions that shouldn't have been there. The FontResolver requires a FOUserAgent which is created from a FopFactory. The FopFactory itself is created from a Configuration which contains the <renderer> elements, so there should be some instance reuse here. I've found a private method somewhere which logs font duplicates but I can't find it back to see if there was any hook around (didn't seem so). Anyways it will be cleaner to sort out font triplets with the same value. Printing the font triplets on the console, I noted they take the right font name, whatever the font file is. Adios, proprietary font naming convention!

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