Compulsive font browsing: FontExplorerX

The best font browser I met at this time: Linotype FontExplorerX. I'm playing with the Mac version and it rocks! Top features:
  • Can visualize non-installed fonts.
  • Many font formats supported.
  • Displays a whole font family at once. Also recognizes Optical fonts.
  • Sparse selection for multiple previews. Supports multiple windows for font detail. That's incredibly useful for comparisons!
  • Rich preview options, like custom text and ligature activation.
  • Detailed font information with huge zoom factor, baseline display, x-height and bouding box.
  • Unicode support.
  • Virtual font folders.
  • Detects font conflicts.
  • More than font viewing: may intercept system calls to obtain fonts from some applications like InDesign or XPress.
It's a commercial product with an option to buy fonts on Linotype's site, but it is downloadable and usable for free. It's a beautiful professional tool. Real font lovers like me will find it more addictive than YouTube!

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