Novelang-0.16.0 released!

Latest release of Novelang available here. This version introduces changes that may break existing documents and stylesheets. — Brand new naming scheme for syntactic nodes! — Chapters and sections don’t exist anymore. All what stylesheets will see are “levels”. — Top-level delimiter (formerly “chapter”) in Part now starting with two equal signs == instead of three asterisks. — Character escape now basing on Unicode name, plus optional HTML entity name. — Option createchapter of the insert command renamed to createlevel. — Updated documentation accordingly. Enjoy! c.


Anonymous said...

Nice project ..
but i would like to use some table ...
Thanks in advance ..

Laurent Caillette said...


Table is not planned yet, but finding the right syntax is a long process, so we could start thinking about it.
There are two (non-exclusive) ways to create tables: inlined content, and reference to an external file.

For inlined content, the cool guys of Wikicreole did a great job, referencing what already exists:
Which markup do you feel most comfortable with? Why?

For external file, this would come with identifiers, a Novelang feature that I already described in this blog. This would support (virtually) various formats (csv, XML...) and would leave formatting to the stylesheet.

What I want anyway is to keep Novelang syntax slim.