Sourceforge: useful links when releasing

As SourceForge greatly improved its services, especially for remote shell and file upload, there are plenty of things to learn again. Here is the documentation on SSH client, File Release System, File management service. It's good to note that only rsync/SSH, SFT and SCP are recommended above 20MB. rsync supports resume but it doesn't seem to be an Ant task for emulating it. SCP'ing file release:
scp Novelang-VERSION.zip USERNAME@frs.sourceforge.net:uploads
SCP'ing documentation (while in target/documentation/site:
 scp * USERNAME,PROJECTNAME@frs.sourceforge.net:/home/groups/n/no/novelang/htdocs
Opening an SSH session:
 ssh -t USERNAME,PROJECTNAME@shell.sourceforge.net create
Session info with timeleft and shutdown. Unzip javadoc after uploading it, from project home:
 unzip -o -d htdocs/javadoc javadoc.zip
Now, all of this can be automated in the build scripts!


Laurent Caillette said...

In order to test the Ant target SCP'ing the 37MB-long distrib, it's better to use a fake distrib file. Just change the distrib name to the fake file like this:
$ANT_HOME/bin/ant -lib lib/build -Dtarget.distrib.name=fake-distrib.zip publish-distrib

Laurent Caillette said...

Ant 1.7.0 (the one shipped in standard with Mac OS X Leopard) doesn't recognize JSch, which is a library required by SCP and SshExec. So be careful when using from command line!