SVG support

I knew it, I knew it… SVG support cannot be seamless, at least not at the first try. First I thought that Safari beta 4 was not SVG-enabled but it appears that it displays whole SVG files (with .svg extension in the URL). And, when embedded in a <object> tag, SVG may work, too, as shown here:


So why are Novelang-generated pages not displaying embedded SVG? I noticed that everytime I refreshed the page, Safari downloaded the .svg file. Could that be something about the MIME type? For the page above, Safari’s Web Inspector tells that Content-Type is text/xml. For the Novelang-generated page, there is no Content-Type. I should fix that first.

Camino (same rendering engine as Firefox) understands SVG well, but adds some ugly scrollbars. They disappear when the size is set manually (maybe adding a few pixels). Adding image size will require some SVG parsing, the same way raster images are loaded by the Part to get their true size.

Aside of this, the article on silverorange.com gives a nice trick for replacing SVG by a raster image: just embed the reference to the raster image inside the <object> element. So when Novelang is requested a non-existing .png file, it could try to locate the same file but with a .svg extension and return the rasterized image. As a consequence, the batch mode should anticipate this and produce .png files for all .svg ones.

Yes, the Web server is something to be invented again and again.


stelt said...

As you probably now, MIME should be image/svg+xml

Laurent Caillette said...

Right, this will be fixed in the next version.