The Tag feature is great. It turns out that I’m mainly using it to tag levels, and too often it leads to duplicate information like this:

== Graphics


What I want is to simply write:

== Graphics


And then Novelang should guess that “Graphics” matches the Graphics tag. I call this “Autotagging”.

We need a few simple tranformations rules to turn titles into tags.

“Foo bar”@Foobar
“Foo, bar”@Foo @bar
“Foo. Bar”@Foo @Bar

Automatically-generated tags wouldn’t be part of the tag list, but they would be used for the matching of a known tag with existing level titles.

Depending on the document, this behavior may produce a lot of noise so it requires explicit activation.

Of course, the default tag list (with checkboxes) has a new option to enable autotagging, with some JavaScript adding an autotag parameter in the URL.

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Laurent Caillette said...

Here are some hints on accent removal.