Novelang-0.42.0 released!

Download Novelang-0.42.0 here !
  • Now requires Java 6.
  • New Nhovestone report: Novelang has its own benchmark!
  • Added stylesheet html-FR.xsl for French punctuation.
  • Performance enhancement on rendered HTML page: when containing many tags it should load faster. Instead of dynamically computing styles on the Web browser, HTML rendered by the server directly includes those styles.
  • Various performance enhancements on document generation. With the same amount of memory (-Xmx parameter), Novelang handles documents twice bigger and serves them 20 % faster than previous version. Benchmark ran against version 0.41.0 and 0.38.1. This includes buffered reading of Part files, multithreaded Part rendering, and reduced memory consumption when dealing with AST (Abstract Syntax Tree).

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