Novelang-0.55.0 released!

Just released Novelang-0.55.0!

Summary of changes:

  • New --temporary-dir option. For better error messages, Novelang now buffers the whole document before sending it to the HTTP client. When the document is too big Novelang buffers it into a temporary file under this directory. If an error occurs then its not too late to send an HTTP redirection.
  • Fixed SVG embedding for PDF. Now the image appears as true vector image inside the PDF. Correct reference to the SVG resource implied adding a $content-directory parameter passed to XSL stylesheets.
  • Fixed loss of request parameters when issuing error page.
  • Less verbose logging of Logback configuration at startup.
  • Fixed various cases of bad problem reporting, where location in origin file was missing.
  • Plenty of other small fixes.

Download it from here.


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