URW Fonts

Ok, I swear I take a break on fonts for a time. But before I have to post this link on URWFonts. URWFonts are a free library of good-quality fonts under the Gnu General Public License. Here's the stuff: http://www.ghostscript.com/awki/GhostPCL I already wrote that Novelang should not come with its own set of fonts but creating nice-looking documents with base 14 fonts (vanilla Times + Helvetica + Courier) just sounds too hard for me. In the same post I wrote that Bitsream Vera Fonts were looking good and, well, I'm not so sure now. But URW fonts are just great. They reproduce a set of standard, classical fonts, with little marvels like Garamond, or Palladio (which looks close to Palatino). For a project like Novelang, it's just a perfect gift. Free fonts of decent quality are pretty rare, and those ones seem to have consistent baselines and spacing across the collection (more tests needed to be sure). One potential problem for the end-user is the GPL license. This is fine for Novelang (which is GPL'ed, too) but if you create a PDF using those fonts, then your document becomes GPL'ed and it may not be what you want. It seems there is a special exception for some distributions of those fonts, but I could not grab the downloadable file.

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