Novelang-0.5.0 is there!

I just posted about this first release on a French mailing list gathering friends and former colleagues. I received valuable feedback and ideas.
  1. Factory templates: come with nice PDF / HTML templates. 
  2. Split output: multiple HTML files from one single Book.
  3. Write something like a roadmap somewhere (this is how this post looks like this, right?).
  4. Links inside documents.
  5. Point out differences with other wikis.
Nice factory templates mean ability to switch between stylesheets. By now the stylesheet is determined by the extension (MIME type) of requested document. Split output means adding some metadata:
  1. On the stylesheet itself. Does it support split output? 
  2. On the document to be rendered: it's nice to know where it is located inside the list of all subdocuments for generating a navigation bar.

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