Unstyled inline litteral and collateral damages

I'm not satisfied with the need for escaping characters one by one in situations like an acronym. There should be whole blocks of text looking like normal text, but disabling most transformations. Could be like:
I want my ``T.L.A``.
The double grave accent makes the text inside quite readable but there is a consistency issue with the rest of the syntax. The blockquotes use double square brackets and the block litteral use a triple square brackets and it looks good.
To keep consistent, the unstyled inline litteral must use single grave accents and the code-like inline litteral use double grave accents ("plus one" rule).
So rewriting examples in the previous post gives this:
I want my `T.L.A.`
This is double slash ``//`` delimiter.
I'm starting to like it because unstyled inline litteral is just eye candy while codelike inline litteral has a stronger meaning that is better carried by thicker delimiter.

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